Zeren’s greetings.

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สวัสดีค่ะ Zeren Zarviiolar เป็นนักเขียนธรรมดาๆ คนหนึ่งที่เดิมเคยใช้นามปากกาว่า Aquarius ใน Pegasus Magazine ปัจจุบันแต่งงานกับ Zefeilist Zarviiolar ก็เลยเปลี่ยนนามปากกาเป็น Zeren Zarviiolar แล้วค่ะ เว็บไดอารี่ทำขึ้นมาเล่นๆ ทักได้ เมนต์ได้ แต่ห้ามทวงนิยายเค้าน้า~ เค้าขึ้นอืดโดนราจับอยู่ค่า~ ^o^

Thank you.
Zeren Zarviiolar.


April 2021
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Pre-Waikroo Day

หัวโขน, ศีรษะครู

Photograper; Khun Ninjr


Today is a great day….no, no, no I don’t mean great, happy, fun or…. I mean it’s a great difficult day for me.

Why?… Because this weekend I didn’t do anything that I wanted to do. I had no time to do anything. I was busy and very busy in ‘Waikroo’ ceremony.

My family business is a Thai classical dancing school and the school has a ceremony called ‘Waikroo’ it’s like a Thai ancient culture for artists. All artists, who used to study or still studying at the school will gather at the school on ‘Waikroo Day’ and worship ‘Kroo’ or teachers… I mean the god of knowledge, not human. We believe in Kroo or god of knowledge, They always help all students about works or shows on the stage. My Thai classical dancing school has been holding the ceremony every year since I remembered and we have always been busy when Waikroo Day is coming.

Next week, my parents have a plan to go out of our province. It’s the same day that the school is having the ceremony ‘Waikroo’  So, we… I mean my parents and I should do the ceremony before official Waikroo Day on this weekend which is…. Today!

So…, This pre-Waikroo ceremony, today made me so busy and I didn’t do anything  according to my plans; reviewing my lessons, playing the game and watching US series… I forgot everything.

I’m so tired, and sleepy, and want to sleep but…, I should do something before I die. So, I’m writing the diary and when it’s done. I’m going to die… Oops! it means I’m going to bed now.

Good night.
Zeren Z.



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